• Easy Toppl Enrichment: Apple edition

    Easy Toppl Enrichment: Apple edition
    When the dogs are driving me nuts and I need them to relax for a moment then we head to the enrichment drawer. Usually I have a smorgasbord of frozen goods ready to go in the freezer, however this is so much easier. Here's my top 3 favourite apple combos for the dogs in Toppls: 1) Apples & PB - each dog gets half...
  • How to choose the right photo for a drawing

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    How to choose the right photo for a drawing
    Choosing a photograph to be drawn can be stressful, but it shouldn't be. This experience should be positive and a fun reflection back on what you want to remember most about your pet. In order to help with you decision, you are more than welcome to send a number of photos to me for opinions and ideas. All I ask if that you outline...
  • Frozen Mold Making

    Frozen Mold Making
    With Waylon being so picky I poured some milk into the molds and changed each row's contents by adding blueberries to some, treatbag crumbs to others and then many were left plain. Fortunately he liked the plain frozen goats milk, but was apprehensive at first.
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