How to choose the right photo for a drawing

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Choosing a photograph to be drawn can be stressful, but it shouldn't be. This experience should be positive and a fun reflection back on what you want to remember most about your pet. In order to help with you decision, you are more than welcome to send a number of photos to me for opinions and ideas. All I ask if that you outline your top 3 favourites and why, because that helps me figure out what you're trying to remember most about your pet besides it's gorgeous face. Also, make sure they're good quality photos and if one is your favourite that is poor quality, then please provide one other that is of good quality so I can see the fur textures.

  1. Does your pet have a distinctive mark on its face? Is one ear always flopped or it has a distinctive facial expression?
    If you want to showcase it's distinctive feature then be sure to have a photo that showcases that! Even point it out to me if it's that important, I will ensure it's portrayed appropriately.
    Take Zelda, for example: she's a very loving cat who will rub all over anyone that lets her, but she has "resting bitch face". Peach, on the other hand, is very photogenic but wants everyone to keep their distance from anywhere but her head. 
Zelda with her "resting bitch face"

2. What age do you want to remember the most?
We are so fortunate to live with pets their whole lives, so what age or poses do you want to remember? I have done triptychs of pets (a triptych is three individual drawings put side by side) that display their whole lives (beginning, middle, near end) which is very sweet, but I understand that's not an option for everyone. I can't sit here and tell you what to choose, but there will be moments that stand out to your from their lives. Another example, Waylon's teething phase was awful so I would not capture that forever. However, the sleepy puppy phase was amazing so that was drawn.

3. Where are you doing to display it?
Some pets have a certain place in the house they always were (living room, bedroom, by a bench) and then if it's a memorial people will you put the drawing framed beside an urn or in a shadowbox with a collar. Right now I have two pet drawings in my house of my pets and at least 6 of other pets that I simply love (big Instagram pet fan here), but each one is placed in a different way. Unframed on the wall held up by a photo clip, framed then hung by a doorway and then framed while placed on an end table.


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