Frozen Mold Making


Sometimes Waylon's farts are extra stinky at night, so a friend (who is also a vet tech) told me to try probiotics with him to see if that helps. I know that's a weird way to start this, but it's the honest truth. On Instagram so many people were trying goats milk, so I decided to look into a bit to see what the benefits were. Apparently it's a source of easily digested probiotic for dogs (and cats, well, all mammals) so why the heck not give it a try. The large bottle was on sale so naturally I buy it and then realize I have to use it quickly. With goats milk you have to leave it in the fridge to thaw for 24hrs as it is sold frozen, but once it's thawed you can refreeze it. Once you open it after it's thawed you have 10 days to use it and I had a ton of goats milk. With Waylon being so picky I poured some milk into the molds and changed each row's contents by adding blueberries to some, treatbag crumbs to others and then many were left plain. Fortunately he liked the plain frozen goats milk, but was apprehensive at first. 

IIt's been a month now and there is such a difference! He does so great on Goats Milk and I've even switched it up to add wet food into his diet. We're doing wet food in the summers (for now) as it adds hydration into their diets while increasing his appetite. He's not a big eater (never has been) but he loves some wet foods. I haven't reduced his daily kibble amount yet to compensate for the tablespoon of wet food he gets, but he is a very active dog that hasn't shown a big increase in weight gain yet. 

Last but not least, another benefit of frozen molds is that you can portion control so it fits in different enrichment games. We have a bunch of Westpaw toys that fit little bones and paw print mold perfectly! I know exactly how much goes into a paw vs a bone, so I can know that he is getting the correct amount of wet food or goats milk per night. 

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