• Meet scenic Mila

    It's so hard to describe what is going on in my brain to anyone asking what exactly I do with ideas/orders, so here's the beginning of a hopefully interesting segment. Mila is a beautiful shorthair that wanted to be showcase in a scenic way. Here are the reference photos that I was given: From there I decided how to draw & showcase Mila to...
  • Easy Toppl Enrichment: Apple edition

    Easy Toppl Enrichment: Apple edition
    When the dogs are driving me nuts and I need them to relax for a moment then we head to the enrichment drawer. Usually I have a smorgasbord of frozen goods ready to go in the freezer, however this is so much easier. Here's my top 3 favourite apple combos for the dogs in Toppls: 1) Apples & PB - each dog gets half...
  • FAQ: Ink vs Vinyl

    FAQ: Ink vs Vinyl
    One of the most common questions to date is which is better: ink or vinyl? Well, they both have their own benefits. When you think about it, the vinyl sits on top of the clothing so it can adhere to a variety of fabrics & colours whereas ink fuses into the clothing, so it isn't prone to crack, peel or wrinkle like vinyl.
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