• Easy Toppl Enrichment: Apple edition

    Easy Toppl Enrichment: Apple edition
    When the dogs are driving me nuts and I need them to relax for a moment then we head to the enrichment drawer. Usually I have a smorgasbord of frozen goods ready to go in the freezer, however this is so much easier. Here's my top 3 favourite apple combos for the dogs in Toppls: 1) Apples & PB - each dog gets half...
  • FAQ: Ink vs Vinyl

    FAQ: Ink vs Vinyl
    One of the most common questions to date is which is better: ink or vinyl? Well, they both have their own benefits. When you think about it, the vinyl sits on top of the clothing so it can adhere to a variety of fabrics & colours whereas ink fuses into the clothing, so it isn't prone to crack, peel or wrinkle like vinyl.
  • Top 3 favorite winter toys (according to Waylon)

    Top 3 favorite winter toys (according to Waylon)
    When bringing toys out into the snow what I look at is: Is it easy to wipe off / how water resistant or proof is it? How gross will it be after? Will it be easy to keep outside or will Waylon barge through the door with it? Now, here's our current top 3 favourite outside winter toys 1) JollyPets Tug N Toss This comes...
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