Alannah, human behind Alannimals

Alannah Leach (Dymond),  Owner

Alannah's life has been filled with an animal themed narrative, which made creating Alannimals a natural endeavour while completing her Bachelors of Fine Art (BFa) at OCADU. Since graduating, Alannah runs Alannimals while taking care of her two German Shorthaired Pointers, Waylon & Miley, and Zelda. One day she hopes to draw every single breed of Dog and Cat on her wish list while growing the business. 

 Waylon, the German Shorthaired Pointer

Waylon Leach,  International Relations Manager

Waylon dove into his job at Alannimals at the young age of 8 weeks back in 2018. He would greet every customer with unlimited kisses and butt wiggles and has continued this ritual as he grows up. One day Waylon hopes to also win the hearts of his feline companion while befriending the world. You can follow his adventures on Instagram at:


Zelda Leach,  Packaging Manager

Zelda joined the Alannimals team in 2015 after starring in TwoTubbyTabbys on Instagram. She quickly realized she wanted to be more than just a social media personality. Now she actively manages overseeing each order in between naps and security breeches while testing every single box's durability upon arrival. One day she hopes to successfully complete her stealth mission into the large bag of food. 

Miley, German Shorthaired Pointer puppy

Miley Leach, Intrusive Thoughts Specialist

Miley is Alannimals most recent hire who joined the team in 2021. Since her first day on the job she has tested multiple types of furniture's durability alongside crash testing many of the shipping boxes. Recently a cozy cave was introduced into the office, which *knock on wood* has somehow smothered some of these troublesome thoughts by promising infinite comfort. You can follow her adventures on Instagram at:

Alex Dymond,

Alex Dymond, Computer Wizard

We don't understand what he does, but we love him for it. Alex, if you see this please update it.

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