Easy Toppl Enrichment: Apple edition


When the dogs are driving me nuts and I need them to relax for a moment then we head to the enrichment drawer. Usually I have a smorgasbord of frozen goods ready to go in the freezer, however this is so much easier. Here's my top 3 favourite apple combos for the dogs in Toppls:

1) Apples & PB - each dog gets half an apple cut up into slices then topped with a tsp of peanut butter. You can freeze it, but I have an incredibly picky GSP who will not eat apple if it has a bit of brown on it. The freezer adds that brown part that he won't eat (I wish I was kidding)

2) Apples & Cottage Cheese - topping the apple sliced with cottage cheese adds a bit of protein and more time onto their chomps. Both dogs did not like it frozen, so I add a Tbsp of fresh cottage cheese to their toppls to ensure they'll eat it

3) Apples & Moistened treat crumbs - You know the dust in the bottom of your bag? Those are what I use to put all over the apple pieces and the dogs go crazy for it. I'll keep a little dust jar and use it as toppers or just mix it in to their enrichment toys.  

Have you tried any of these variations? Which are your dogs favourites?


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