Dog Friendly Kimberley


Living in Kimberley is a breeze if you have a dog. Not only was almost every shop dog friendly, but they have a dog water fountain over by the Creme cheese shop. Lots of shops have water bowls out for pups and if you go in to ask for water to fill your portable dog bowl they are more than willing to. Waylon would even come with us to Cranbrook as the places we went there were dog friendly, and if they weren't then Waylon and I would go bug Stephanie at the PawShop while my husband shopped or we'd walk around the green spaces.

To be honest, it would be easier to write the shops that weren't dog friendly but I don't want to out them. Obviously restaurants aren't due to health regulations, but the occasional patio was dog friendly or they'd have spaces by the railing so you could sit right by pupper. Grater Good is not dog friendly unless you can fit your dog in your purse, which makes sense because it's all breakable expensive goods in there.

Dog friendly shops (as of Summer 2019) in/around the Platzl:

  • Western Financial (That's right, you can bring your dog while renewing your insurance.)
  • RBC
  • Wildsight
  • Cory's Grooming (duh)
  • Kimberley Kritters
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Dollar Store
  • Big Magic (they have a number of shop dogs, so make sure yours is friendly with others)
  • Kootenay Raft (it's the place with the big fish on top)
  • Canada Post
  • Kootenay Savings
  • The Old Crow
  • Purcell Outdoors (they have shop dogs too)
  • Arrow & Axe
  • Talaria Footwear
  • The Yarn Shop (sorry, I don't remember the name but the worker there had an English Setter)
  • Bootleg Bike Co

During the summer/fall the Kimberley Farmers Market is pet friendly! As per usual don't let them pee on tents or ruin displays. 

We used to do a loop through stores and onto the trails by taking Burdett St up to Norton Ave then from Norton going to the Peak to Platzl trail down towards the Platzl, then loop onto the Mark Creek trail off of Rotary St or Bingay St depending on your location. Be bear aware though, so check out the Wildsafe Kimberley page! We saw so many but I’ve heard many others don’t evcer see them. Also had a Moose run our way while out on a walk, so maybe they’re just attracted to us. 

Anyways, if you realize any places I’ve missed please let me know! Things change all the time, so I understand this list will vary.

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