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Top 3 favourite winter toys (according to Waylon)

When bringing toys out into the snow what I look at is: Is it easy to wipe off / how water resistant or proof is it? How gross will it be after? Will it be easy to keep outside or will Waylon barge through the door with it? Now, here's our current top 3 favourite outside winter toys 1) JollyPets Tug N Toss This comes in at #1 because it's easy to wipe down, holds up in the snow or rain very well and is "puncture proof". It also has a warranty so if you dog destroys it then they replace the first one easily. The other varieties can get gross outside with the rope added and this one is easy...

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Dog Friendly Kimberley

Living is Kimberley is a breeze if you have a dog. Not only was almost every shop dog friendly, but they have a dog water fountain over by the Creme cheese shop. Lots of shops have water bowls out for pups and if you go in to ask for water to fill your portable dog bowl they are more than willing to. Waylon would even come with us to Cranbrook as the places we went there were dog friendly, and if they weren't then Waylon and I would go bug Stephanie at the PawShop while my husband shopped or we'd walk around the green spaces. To be honest, it would be easier to write the shops that weren't dog friendly...

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