• Top 3 favorite winter toys (according to Waylon)

    Top 3 favorite winter toys (according to Waylon)
    When bringing toys out into the snow what I look at is: Is it easy to wipe off / how water resistant or proof is it? How gross will it be after? Will it be easy to keep outside or will Waylon barge through the door with it? Now, here's our current top 3 favourite outside winter toys 1) JollyPets Tug N Toss This comes...
  • Easy Sweet Potato Chews

    Easy Sweet Potato Chews
     This may be one of the easiest dog chews you can make without stinking up the house. It does take awhile to cook/dehydrate, so try to allocate enough time in your day to monitor the oven: in total you'll need 6hrs. Preheat oven to 250 degrees fahrenheit. Cut up sweet potato into slices or sticks depending on what you want to do. I cut...
  • Dog Friendly Kimberley

    Dog Friendly Kimberley
    Living in Kimberley is a breeze if you have a dog. Not only was almost every shop dog friendly, but they have a dog water fountain over by the Creme cheese shop. Lots of shops have water bowls out for pups and if you go in to ask for water to fill your portable dog bowl they are more than willing to. Waylon would...
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