• Driving halfway across Canada with 2 cats & a dog

    Driving halfway across Canada with 2 cats & a dog
    Not your ideal situation but we survived 39 hours of driving together. I ended up leaving a day early last minute as the weather was supposed to get bad and I just had my little car, so that was extra fun. Anyways, I drove from Kimberley, BC to Medicine Hat, AB the first night where my mom flew into the next day then from...
  • DIY Paw Balm

    DIY Paw Balm
    We made paw balm from supplies we had at home (well, my mom picked up Shea butter the night before) and it took under an hour from start to finish. The melting was tedious as it was at the lowest possible temperature, but if you stir it a lot then it speeds it up.  INGREDIENTS: 2 tbsp Shea Butter 3 tbsp Olive Oil 3...
  • Frozen Mold Making

    Frozen Mold Making
    With Waylon being so picky I poured some milk into the molds and changed each row's contents by adding blueberries to some, treatbag crumbs to others and then many were left plain. Fortunately he liked the plain frozen goats milk, but was apprehensive at first.
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