Top 3 favorite winter toys (according to Waylon)



When bringing toys out into the snow what I look at is:

  • Is it easy to wipe off / how water resistant or proof is it?
  • How gross will it be after?
  • Will it be easy to keep outside or will Waylon barge through the door with it?

Now, here's our current top 3 favourite outside winter toys

1) JollyPets Tug N Toss

This comes in at #1 because it's easy to wipe down, holds up in the snow or rain very well and is "puncture proof". It also has a warranty so if you dog destroys it then they replace the first one easily. The other varieties can get gross outside with the rope added and this one is easy for him to grab with the handle. Also, we don't own the Jollypets Jollyegg but I have heard really great things about it in the snow. It's lightweight and floats, so it stays on top of the snow pretty good and the general purpose of it is that the dog can't fit its mouth around it so it pops out. Really great for herding dogs!

2) Kong Flyer

Waylons all-time favourite toy, but when it lands in the snow it can sink down fairly quickly. It's super easy to wipe off and I have used it as a water dish when I forgot his water a couple times. We don't leave it out in the winter because I find the material it's made out of cracks a bit easier when it is, but a great toy nontheless.


3) Classic soccer ball

Why is this so low on the list? Well, it's cost effective, but highly destroyable and the freezing makes it tougher for him to get his mouth around sometimes. Plus I hate the stink once it starts thawing. If it's one he's already flattened partially then getting the mouth around it is no problem and his teeth don't puncture it too badly. If the snow is deep then it can get lost easily and there's no real place to grab when your dog needs motivation to stay in the snow.

Honourable mention goes to: Kong Rambler (your obnoxious squeak kept you off my list), Classic Tennisball (the yellow is hard to see in the snow) and the PlanetDog Glow-In-The-Dark Earth Ball (again, hard to see in the snow unless it's night time). Worst outside winter toy would go to the GoDog Furball as it's fur is absolutely disgusting when wet yet Waylon always tries to take it outside. Drives me nuts!

Are there any toys you think are missing? Let me know what your dog prefers!  

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