• Easy Sweet Potato Chews

    Easy Sweet Potato Chews
     This may be one of the easiest dog chews you can make without stinking up the house. It does take awhile to cook/dehydrate, so try to allocate enough time in your day to monitor the oven: in total you'll need 6hrs. Preheat oven to 250 degrees fahrenheit. Cut up sweet potato into slices or sticks depending on what you want to do. I cut...
  • Beef Liver & Cheese Treat Recipe

    Beef Liver & Cheese Treat Recipe
    This recipe was too much for one puppy to finish, so we had to freeze a number of treats. Also, after making this I went for a run and swear I sweat pure beef liver (GROSS). Do not attempt this recipe if you do not like the smell of beef liver as it lingers. When looking up beef liver recipes I also noticed the...
  • Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Treat Recipe

    Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Treat Recipe
    We used a base Pumpkin Treats recipe from here, but I made a number of alterations to it. Why change an already good recipe? Well, I wanted to reduce the amount of whole wheat flour and add sweet potato for my pup since he goes nuts for it. Also, I just can't stop myself from altering recipes when it feels off, so I did....
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